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Date of listing: 2016-07-23

FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW World Receiver with SSB


FM Stereo/LW/MW/SW World Receiver with SSB


l FM :76.0-108.0MHz,Step 25K

l AM : 520-1710KHz

l SW & LW : 100-29999KHz, Step 1K

l Jog dial tuning/ Memory scan / Auto scan/ Direct frequency entry

l 268 station memories ( permanently saved)

l Stereo / Mono (FM only) selection

l Wide / Narrow (AM only) selection

l New / Music tone selection

l 64 levels digital volume control (2 ways of control: direct entry / jog dial)

l Large LCD with digital pointer, freq. & clock display

l 1 - 99 minutes sleep timer setting

l Alarm clock function with two presets

l Local/DX selection

l Reset function

l Keylock function

l Orange backlight on LCD and keyboard

l Built-in battery charger ( for rechargeable batteries only)

l External long telescopic antenna

l External antenna jack

l Stereo earphone & DC jack

l SSB(Single Side Band) & Fine-tuning function

l SW Metre band indicator and conversion

l Battery level indicator

l Built-in speaker(D77mm)

l Audio line-out jack

l Power sources :4 (AA) x UM3 size batteries or adapter

l Accessories: Stereo earphone, External antenna, AC adapter, 4 AA size batteries, Carrying pouch

l Dimension: 165*105*29mm


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